We are a community run bailfund consisting of many local progressive organizations. The organizations helping organize the bailfund include:

-Freedom Inc.

-Young Gifted and Black

-Madison General Defense Committee of the IWW

-Madison-Area Urban Ministry

-Sankofa Behavioral Community Health

-Operation Welcome Home

-LGBT Books To Prisoners

-National Lawyers Guild

-Racial Justice Tipping Point

-And many individual community membersb_poster_23_-_free_all_politcal_prisoners_-_ca_-_c1970

Stay tuned for ways to get involved and events to attend. Please donate to if you are able or share the donation links on social media and together we can help GET PEOPLE FREE! Donate Via:

Venmo: @Liam-Manjon

Cashapp: $FreeThe350BailFund

Paypal: FreeThe350BailFund@gmail.com

You can email us at freeThe350BailFund (at) gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Is a Mother’s Day bail out event happening this year? I want to rally some friends and family to make small donations with me over the next few days and I bet we could get at least one mom out to be safe(r) at home with her family.


  2. Please help me find someone to help someone that has some young boys or boy locked up in madison she is out side the jail and asked for help is the a phone number
    My number is 6083129665


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