On Saturday February 3rd, at 7pm, at the Art In on East Washington Avenue in Madison Wisconsin, the Free The 350 Bail Fund held its first ever benefit concert. It was a huge success! $965 was raised by attendees who donated $10 each to the bail fund, despite the concert being held in the middle of one of the cities biggest snow storms this season. Fun was had, bars were dropped, bass lines were felt by all and abolitionist messages were spread.

Big shout out to DJ/Producer, Matt Cousin, who’s impromptu donation of time and dj abilities was a much needed reprieve for the over worked performance director and sound person, lil guillotine and president long boi, respectively. The emcee and performer, The Profit aka John Denver, tore up the mic and threw down bars like lead anvils, respectively.

Huge shout out to our starring performers, DequadrayTGRambunxious,  Willie Wright, Tha CatalystEvaridaeHanks and Kilo! If you haven’t checked out, subscribed, followed, shared and liked their social medias you should definitely click the links in each of their names and do that now, these are great talented Madison artists who just threw down for the cause and deserve mad props!

This dope article by Badger Herald came out about the concert too! Check out the youtube video of some of the show here.

Here is some media from the event:



The following pics are from 21 Eye Photography:

Stay tuned for more events and ways to get involved with the Free The 350 Bail Fund. Please contact us if you know someone in Dane county jail who is in there for being poor and Black and can’t afford bail, FreeThe350BailFund @ gmail.com or through this website.

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